Our workshops are designed for beginner and intermediate music lovers. We know that there are many people out there, who just think they are not good enough to do attend a workshop or play in a band. We would like to change that. We believe that you should play your instrument in a group from the very BEGINNING. Come and try us.

Fast Track Piano Workshops


Pop has a very easy structure, like the four chord songs (example here). We teach you how to use it and even how to compose your own songs. You will be able to play those songs from the radio in no time.


Do you like James Brown? Then you do like Funk. Funk has a very distinct rhythm and special chords that make it sound funky.


Blues is a very fun and easy music form. It is quite universal and builds the base for many other styles. It's a great style to improvise quickly.


It's all about Rhodes, Hammond Organ and Clav sounds. Learn the tricks to sound amazing using electric sounds. Check out youtube (hammand and rhodes sounds)


In this class you will learn all the different rhythms you will need to play music. There is no instrument needed. We do lots of practical exercises.

How much is it?
We charge $55 for a two hour workshop. We also provide the pianos.  It almost feels like a private lesson, because we only allow up to 6 people in our workshop,

Band Workshops

What could be more fun than playing your instrument in a band. We provide you the perfect platform for you. We will be there to bring order in the chaos. We will teach you what is important to play with others. We will be working on songs and of course jams. Our band workshops usually go for 2 hours.

Any instruments are welcome. We are also encouraging beginners to join us. This is your oportunity. There is no such thing like "I'm not good enough"!

How much is it?
We charge $25 for a two hour workshop.