Pop, Funk and Blues
Learn music with us in a group workshop
Beginners welcome 

Our music school with a Swiss touch is based in Perth Australia. We are specialized to provide a platform for beginners and intermediates to play music in a group. Mainly focused on Piano we also put together band workshops where any instruments are welcome. Of course we teach private lessons too. There is nothing more fun to share your passion with like minded. 

We believe that ...

  • You should play your instrument in a group from the very BEGINNING
  • You should start with the fun stuff first
  • Playing an instrument is a lot of fun and even more so to play it with others
  • Learning an instrument should be fun and not work
  • Learning in a group is very motivating and natural

Who is it for?

  • We aim for Beginners and Intermediates
  • People who come from a classical background
  • If you say: "I'm not good enough" these workshops ARE for YOU!
  • Everyone is welcome, we don't want to exclude anyone

We provide …

  • Fast Track Piano Workshops, your music lessons with fast results
  • Band Workshops
  • The tricks of good musicans, they have done the work for you already
  • The love to teach and have the drive to do so
  • Two teachers in each workshop that have years’ experience in teaching and playing music

Be part of the community and have fun learning with others. Join us

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Our Piano Workshops (Beginners welcome)

Our Band Workshops (Any instruments)